Jul 31, 2012 / 40 notes

My College has..

  • Two Starbucks
  • A 5 star Steakhouse
  • A free Ice Cream Truck
  • Four Outdoor Pools
  • A Sports Grill
  • A Bakery
  • Subway and Chickfila
  • Free Horsedrawn Carriage rides with Hot Chocolate for christmas
  • Two free concerts a year, the first one being Gym Class Heros
  • Our meals are called ‘Magic Meals’ aka we’re basically Disneyland.
  • So much free stuff.
  • Oh yeah and I’m living in a neon house with a single room for free.

I can’t…..even. 


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    This makes me want to go there. In desperate need to raise my scholarship.
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